Interior Floors

When it comes to floors, our ability to generate LIMITLESS patterns, colors, designs and finishes gives the home owner a look of unimaginable beauty surpassing any flooring option on the market today.  Combine that with the durability of our coatings exceeding all other flooring products available, and our easy to clean, low maintenance finishes, you  will wonder why you ever used any other product.  All for the same price as comparable tile and hardwood.

 These systems are suitable for every room in the house, office or showroom.  All interior floors stand to benefit from these timeless and durable coatings.

 A summary of available patterns include any tiles ranging in size from 6" to 10' and up!  Flagstone and any natural stone, and now available....WOOD GRAIN  With thanks to the ability to generate almost any finish available, wood grain replica is now possible in any size or color!