Have you ever noticed how much abuse garage floors encounters? Stains, chemical spills, vehicle parking and De-icing salts just to name a few. These have all been reasons in the past to pay no attention to this portion of the house.  All of that abuse leaves the concrete in a garage unsightly, dirty, and just ugly, not to mention pointless to clean.

 With our highly durable garage floor coatings, you now have the option to turn the ugliest part of any house into a stunning and unique focal point.  Not only do these products look good, but they protect!  Our High grade 100% solids, epoxys, urethane and polyaspartic resins are NOT paint or cheap do it your self kit from the hardware store. These seamless products are engineered to protect against the roughest of elements and abuse's, while being easy to clean.

 With our ability to customize every project from mild to wild, your garage can now be as athletically pleasing as the rest of the house. At the same time, protecting a part of the house that really needs it!

 Suitable for residential and commercial concrete new or old.