Decorative Concrete Floors

Interior Solutions

 With limitless color combinations, highlights, finishes and patterns to choose from, our seamless flooring and resurfacing team can present you with low maintenance interior AND exterior options with unparalleled durability.

These products are revolutionizing the way home owners are looking at the flooring industry and the options available.  Compare our decorative concrete and epoxy flooring systems to conventional options such as tile, hardwood, and carpet.  Tile can crack easily, the grout lines stain and can become difficult to keep clean.  Wood scratches far to easily and the thought of refinishing every few years can be scary.  Carpet can stain and  is difficult to keep clean, and therefore is not hygienic.  Not to mention, the inability to generate a completely custom floor.  With the conventional choices, there has always been big limitations on aspects such as assorted tile size and patterns, colors, finishes that home owners have had to settle for.


  •   Unlimited designs, textures & colors.

  •   Affordable and cost effective.

  •   Extremely low maintenance.

  •   Will not stain like tile,grout or carpet.

  •   Will not stain like tile,grout or carpet.

  •   Quick installation time.

  •  Available for new or existing concrete.

  •   Can be installed pre or post construction.

 All of our products are well suited for any room in the house where you want a beautiful, timeless and seamless finish.

Exterior Concrete Solutions

Exterior Decorative Concrete

These systems are also an excellent way to generate more appeal and functionality to the exterior of your house.  With concrete an integral part of any home ,inside and out, let us solve the question of, "what can I do with my old outside concrete?".
Many people believe that once the exterior concrete in their home has began to show its age ( stains, chips and cracks) that the only option at this point is to simply live with it or to replace it. STOP.


  •   Unlimited designs, textures & colors.

  •   Affordable and Cost Effective.

  •   Virtually no maintenance.

  •   Designed to handle vehicular traffic.

  •   Resistent to salt & all weather conditions.

  •   Non-slip additives for added peace of mind.

  •   Pressure washer friendly.

  •   Available for ALL existing concrete surfaces.

Sidewalks • Driveways • Patios • Pool Decks • Stairs • Entry Ways