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Re-Creating The Look Of Concrete

  • Beautiful

    These products, once installed are often referred to as art. With endless creative possibilities, our team possess the ability to design a beautiful piece of art for nearly every surface. This industry and the products available have proven to be the leader when creating imagery that is second to none. No other products on the market acquire the same potential for brilliant beauty, depth and customization as decorative concrete and epoxy resurfacing.

  • Durable

    All of our decorative concrete posses the highest level of performance and versatility thanks to a proven hybrid polymer blend. While other products use a primary acrylic or vinyl polymer to achieve durability, Elite Crete has managed to manufacture a system that utilizes the benefits of each, with none of the disadvantages. The result is an architectural concrete overlay and custom seamless resurfacing system that excels under the strain of all elements whether it be heavy foot traffic, commercial grade cleaning, time, chemicals or just the weather.

  • Timeless

    Decorative concrete and epoxy resurfacing posses the ability to remain on the cutting edge of all modern trends, while remaining elegant and beautiful for as long as you need. Projects that have been installed nearly 10 years ago still manage to Wow home owners through endless customization, depth and unimaginable beauty, regardless of abuse or neglect.

Our Portfolio

We invite you to take a look at some of our most recent work

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  • Steve Middleton
  • Heath Edwards
  • Thank you, Drew… we could not have asked for a more professional team of guys you have nor could we have imagined how beautiful our floors were going to be, we couldn’t be any happier!!!
    Steve Middleton
  • Awesome guys to work with, were able to match the floors to a picture my wife found online. They also give a firm quote and hit their deadline. Highly recommend!!!
    Heath Edwards